Colorado Petition to Establish Child Custody and/or Child Support - Paralegal Service

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Paralegal Services

This service is available for all counties in Colorado and may be completed via the INTERNET or at one of our offices.

Price does not include court fees.

  • Colorado
  • Paralegal Service
  • Our Price: $169.95 - This service is exempt from sales tax.
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Service Agreement
Paralegal Service for a Petition to Establish a Child Custody and/or Child Support for the state of Colorado
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Quick Online Service Questionnaire

This is our quick online service questionnaire. You will be directed to a secure form where your information is encrypted prior to leaving your browser. You do not need to log in and create an account. Your information is not kept in any database. Your information is disposed of as soon as you have received and reviewed your documents. No information received from you will ever be released to a third party.


Download a Questionnaire

While completing the questionnaire in the comfort of your home, help is just a click away for an instant chat with one of our paralegals standing by to assist you with any questions. See hours of chat beneath the "Click Here to Chat With US" command button located in the right column of each web page. Alternatively, you may call us toll free at (866) 946-0325.

Download a fillable questionnaire with no obligation or payment until you are ready to have us complete your documents.

Download the free version of Adobe Reader here.

When you are ready for us to prepare your documents return your questionnaire using secure email or file  transfer. Or you may mail, fax, or drop it off at one of our offices. (888) 377-2397. 

Once you return your questionnaire, we will call you with any questions and for payment or you may pay online using our secure cart-server. This option is available in the right column. When we call you we will schedule an appointment, usually within 24 hours or address emailing your documents to you for review. If you have any questions, please call us at (866) 946-0325.