Do It Yourself Documents Become an Affiliate

Affiliate Program

We're currently seeking pre-established paralegals looking to start their own Do It Yourself Documents. If you already are renting business space for your paralegal business but struggling or not generating enough income to live comfortable this opportunity may be for you. Consider the following, of which the first four (4) steps are mandatory to participate.

  1. Complete an application and get approved by us.
  2. Purchase a business license doing business as (DBA) "Do It Yourself Documents" under your existing business or create a new business with the name "Do It Yourself Documents".
  3. Get a business line for this new business name. This number we will list on your office page on our website.
  4. Claim your address in Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, etc. as Do It Yourself Documents. (This alone will generate you much income; however, the first two steps would be required for these search engines to take you serious to generate leads.)
  5. Do It Yourself Documents signage at your business.
  6. Business cards and brochures that we can supply you templates from what we use if need be.
  7. You would receive access to your business email we would list on your office web page( as well as create personal emails for you and each of your employees if needed.
  8. Give us your office hours and what services you are presently offering so we can list them as our Federal Way and Tacoma offices do. Update us when you are going to close for a day, take a vacation or be absent -these changes only take seconds for us to make.

I have read the Affiliate Agreement.

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