Power Of Attorney Kit

Power Of Attorney Kit
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  • Edition: 5th
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This kit has all the documents our Last Will & Testament kit except the Will.

All adults have the right to make decisions about their health care. They are given the right to accept or reject medical or surgical treatment after being informed of their options. Health care decisions can be made by the adult or by an agent they appointed to make decisions when they are not capable of making the decision at the time.

Forms used for health care matters vary from State to State, but generally are one or more of the following: Living Will, Health Care Directive, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, health care proxy and others. A Living Will may also be called a Declaration, Living Will Declaration, Health Care Declaration, Health Care Directive, Advance Health Care Directive, Health Care Proxy and others. Sometime you will see the form named Statutory Living Will or Statutory Health Care Directive. gives your named Attorney-In-Fact the power to make medical decisions, sign consents and /or releases with hospitals and/or doctors.


  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Living Will (Healthcare Directive
  • HIPAA Waiver
  • Power of Attorney, General (With Durable Provisions)
  • Revocation of Power of Attorney

Power Of Attorney Kit
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