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Quitclaim & Warranty Deed Kit With CD-ROM

Quitclaim & Warranty Deed Kit With CD-ROM
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A Quit Claim Deed is one of the most important legal documents in American real estate. It is primarily used to transfer ownership of real property from one owner to its buyer. This kit includes two different fill-in-the-blank Quit Claim Deed forms and a Warranty Deed, along with complete instructions.

When Will I Need A Quit Claim Deed?

Despite its strange name, a quit claim deed is a very important legal document. When you sell real property, a quit claim deed must be filled with the county in your state, transferring the property from the owner to the buyer, (the new owner.) Anyone with real estate will need one eventually.

In divorce situations, if real estate is involved, it is needed as well. If one person is going to keep the home, the other person will need to "quit claim" their portion of it to him or her. In other words, give up their portion to the other person.

If you prepare a Living Trust or some other estate planning tool (other than a last will & testament,) you will need to transfer ownership of the real estate into the trust - a quit claim deed is what you would use.

What Does This Kit Contain?

This kit contains detailed information on Quit Claim Deeds, two different fill-in-the-blank Quit Claim Deed forms, one Warranty Deed form, and complete instructions. Complete the forms on your computer, then print them out! Simple and ready to use.


Quitclaim & Warranty Deed Kit With CD-ROM
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