Guardianship of Person and/or Estate - Paralegal Service

Guardianship of Person/Estate. Use this service to become a legal guardian of either an adult person and or estate.

For a Guardianship of a Minor, see: Guardianship of Minor

Guardianship of Person. A guardian of the person is responsible for assessing the person's physical, mental and emotional needs, and any need for assistance in activities of daily living. He or she will be responsible for implementing a plan to meet these needs, and must file a care plan (identifying needs and explaining how they will be met) with the court within three months of appointment, as well as an annual status report.

A guardian of the person may also be responsible for giving or withholding consent to medical treatment.

Guardianship of Estate. A guardian of the estate of an incapacitated person is responsible for management of the person's property and finances. He or she must file an inventory with the court within three months of appointment, as well as an annual accounting. Some management decisions will require court approval.

Guardians Responsibilities. A guardian's responsibilities depend on whether and how the guardian's role has been limited by the court. It is common to talk about two broad categories of responsibility - "estate" and "person" - but a limited guardianship could contain elements from one or both categories.

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