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This service is available for all counties in California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon & Washington State.

Does not include recording fees.

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  • List Price: $64.95 - This service is exempt from sales tax.
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Quitclaim Deeds are typically used to transfer property between family members (gifting) or in a divorce situation. If, for example, a mother is transferring to her child, her home, all 3 forms will be required. If the transfer is from spouse to spouse in a divorce situation, only the Quitclaim Deed and Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit forms will be used.

After we have completed the forms, you signed them, had them notarized, the documents must be taken/sent to the County Recorder/Assessor in which the property is located. At the time of writing of these instructions the fee to file a Quitclaim Deed in most counties is $72. An additional $10 is due to the recorder's office for the Excise Tax Affidavit and/or Supplemental Statement. These prices do generally increase on at least a yearly basis, so you should call for updated pricing.

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